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Are flower horns hard to care for and wat size tank do they neeedd?

they arent that hard...

The main issue is thetank size and the philosophy that they should be raised seperate.

No convicts or JDs ocars.... etc..

They should be in a 75, you can divide the tank and raise two. make sure the filteration is good.

other than that there isnt anything hard about them. They will get large and aggressie which is why they shoud be kept away from other fishes.

Are flower horns hard to care for and wat size tank do they neeedd?
they arent difficult when needs are met but tanj size is the key to long lived Fh%26#039;s they reach a good 16 inches and are robust a 75 is mnimum a 120 is ideal

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Why do the horns on big ol' SUV's sound like a strangled baby goose?

I only drive an Isuzu Rodeo, but on the rare occasion that I have to use my horn, I%26#039;ve noticed that it%26#039;s a high-pitched squawk. It makes the cartoon Roadrunner%26#039;s %26quot;meep meep%26quot; sound full of bass. Much larger SUV%26#039;s horns sound pretty wimpy, too. Why is that? I want a horn like an 18-wheeler. LOL

Why do the horns on big ol%26#039; SUV%26#039;s sound like a strangled baby goose?
I can only speculate: The majority of %26quot;big ol%26#039; SUV%26quot; owners are males in their peak reproductive years and go honking around like %26quot;big ol%26#039; ganders%26quot;. So there is a measure of abuse prevention in the horn design.

I once knew a guy who had a locomotive horn installed in his old pickup. It required an air compressor and a tank. When he blew it you could hear it for miles. It would scare the goose crap out of anyone within 100 yards!

BC (Straight white male enjoying the golden years)
Reply:Well you know you can go to and buy one of those horns that will play your favorite melody. In my old van, I had one that did a whistle every a fine honey walked by. That was hilarious. Get one. They are fun to have and you can even put them on yourself.
Reply:Because SUV%26#039;s are just station wagons for this generation.

They are designed for people that just want a living room on wheels. They don%26#039;t really deserve to have loud, obnoxious horns. That privilege is reserved for Monster Truck drivers.
Reply:Do they? Brilliant!

My little peugeot scares the hell out of people, they look round for the lorry that%26#039;s abouts to plow through them.


Do aircrafts have Horns?

i mean the horns which i think every transport medium in the world have it.but never heard from the aircrafts?!!

Do aircrafts have Horns?
Yes and no. They don%26#039;t have horns as you are probably thinking of them, as in car, truck or train horns. However, all certified aircraft are equipped with a stall warning device (not engine stalls, but a warning indicating that the critical angle of attack for the wing is being approached, which, if exceeded, results in a stall, or loss of lift, due to separation of airflow over the upper surface of the wing) - some older aircraft use a stall warning light, but most aircraft have a stall warning horn inside the cockpit. In addition, larger aircraft often have warning horns and/or tones for various system failure modes - again, these are audible signals within the cockpit to alert the crew.
Reply:Aircraft will get attention with strobe lights -anti collesion lights

landing gear lights%26amp; screaming Engs. about 150 deciables.

A Horn would be too late.
Reply:In WW2, the Stuka dive bomber had sirens........
Reply:No they dont have horns but use their lights as a method of signals.
Reply:Actually yes, some do. There was a time when there was an interest in a small plane that converted into a car once you landed, and of course it was equipped with a horn. They used the horn as the stall indicator while it was in flight, so it landed with the horn blaring.
Reply:Horn as in %26quot;Beep Beep%26quot;?


Aircraft are too fast for a horn to be of any practical use.
Reply:Some are equipped with a ground crew alert horn, only of use around the aircraft when parked. Last time I used one it was on a JT8 powered Boeing 737, so it was a while ago.
Reply:Commerical aircraft have horns BUT...

One horn outside the aircraft is to get the attention of ramp personnel.

In the cockpit-

• cabin altitude warning horn when the cabin altitude is above 10,000 ft.

• takeoff warning horn, when aircraft is not properly configured for takeoff.

(PS commerical airliners do not use a stall warning horn but use a stick-shaker)
Reply:If your talking about audio horns in aircraft... No...

But you can see rather large bull horns straped on the front of aircraft from time to time flying out of Texas ;)
Reply:No, but the pilot can rev up the engines, flash some lights, or talk in the radio.
Reply:Depends on the aircraft.
Reply:actually aircraft%26#039;s most of them have horns they mostly use them to taxi around the airport
Reply:No! LOL what are they going to honk at the birds.
Reply:If you think on it real hard , do you think you would hear any horn beeped at you over the sound of the engines on a plane , and were would you use it, to warn pedestrians? to avoid a mid air collision?if you think on it ,it is a bloody silly question isn%26#039;t it.

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Is it legal to use air horns?

Is it legal under any circumstances e.g age of car, type etc to use a 5 tone air horn.

Is it legal to use air horns?
It is illegal to use any type of horn that emits more than one tone, unless the tones are simultaneous. There are no exceptions.
Reply:i yhink the highway code says, the hours of darkness, and then only to warn others of your presence,

i had them on a company vehicle and they were always dissconnected at each service, dunno why i just wired them back up, and i think you still have to have standard horn in a usable state
Reply:I%26#039;m pretty certain that air horns cannot be used on cars manufactured after (forgot month) 1986 at all.
Reply:i think there are legal in most cases
Reply:It depends on the local laws where you live. If it is legal where you live and have the car registered, then as you go into other areas you are still legal, no matter what the local law. Other areas generally reciprocate in accepting each others rules. I heard a story about someone in the US driving a car with dark tinted windows which were legal in his state, into a state in which they were illegal. He was stopped, warned that if he became a resident he would have to get rid of the tinting and was allowed to go without a fine.

Check your local laws.
Reply:fraid not fella

talking from experiance

a mate of mine had one in his sierra cosworth

got a mighty fine for it mate

and a few points on the old licence
Reply:Air horns are legal---but by law must not play tunes,or imitate emergency vehicles.
Reply:Lol. No,


Is ExxonMobil The the BEAST that will rise from the sea with seven heads and ten horns.?

Is ExxonMobil The the BEAST that will rise from the sea with seven heads and ten horns. The RED HORSEMAN will be loosed and he will be given to take peace from the earth and cause man to make war against his neighbor, causing famin and decease and destruction.

Is ExxonMobil The the BEAST that will rise from the sea with seven heads and ten horns.?
lol, no that%26#039;s the government itself
Reply:Exxon Mobil is nothing their days are numbered and, they know it. Sell Exxon Mobil stock now.